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First and foremost, we are about fun.

We are specialized in building attractions that can be dismantled and moved, such as the Ferris wheels and other entertainment at height. As a supplier, Mondial Rides is therefore well-known to fairground operators and amusement parks.
The family owned company was founded in 1979 and is based in The Netherlands. All the Mondial products are always designed and build to meet the highest quality standards and according to the EN13814 and TÜV specifications.

Attractions & Rides!

The impressive success story really accelerated after Mondial decided to its strategy and started with the design and construction of their own Mondial Giant Wheels, and later on also their famous in-house designed Flat and High Thrill Rides.

All Mondial products are designed and built meeting the highest quality standards and according to the DIN and TÜV specifications.

Together with our skilled and highly motivated people working in the design department and production facilities, Mondial became one of the specialists and major players in the highly competitive amusement industry.

In a short period of time, Mondial has developed a wide range of rides that can be seen in many of the prestigious Theme Parks and Carnivals throughout the world.

In 1989 Mondial launched its transportable Giant Wheel “MCS” (Mondial Compact System) an innovation that substantially improved erection and dismantling time. The latest model of this MCS type is a 50 meters high Ferris Wheel with closed gondolas on 5+3 trailers.

Another success story was the aptly named Sky Flyer, which Mondial invented; this new ride caused an enormous chain reaction in the industry. Many other manufactures made their own versions of this attraction. The successor to this ride, the Tornado, is still in production and can be seen in the product overview on this homepage.

Later on, Mondial introduced to the market its Shake, Roll Over, Inferno, Top Scan, Swinger, Splash Over, Revolution, Capriolo and Ultra Max.

Mondial is always developing new movements into new rides.

Because the mission statement for Mondial is:

To design and manufacture new rides, which are innovative and unique, that sets the highest standards in quality and safety, and remain a profitable and reliable investment for their owners.

We hope you enjoy visiting our website “Mondial World Of Rides” and if you have any remarks or comments please contact us and let us know.

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