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For a life time of Entertainment!

As a family-owned enterprise since 1936, the company has a rich history and began creating attractions in 1979. 

The company boasts an integrated approach, featuring an in-house research and development division, an engineering department, and a highly skilled production team. This vertical integration enables them to maintain control over the entire process, from concept inception to ride production.

Mondial Rides takes pride in its advanced manufacturing facilities, which are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Their rides are designed to provide exceptional value for money, as evidenced by the continued operation of their inaugural attractions, which have been running for over four decades and are poised for many more years of service.

Stringent quality standards underpin the manufacturing process, and all rides are constructed in accordance with the most rigorous industry requirements. Notably, their rides are certified by reputable bodies such as the German TÜV, attesting to their safety and reliability.

A key feature of Mondial Rides’ offerings is their flexibility to provide tailor-made solutions. These attractions can be constructed in either transportable or fixed models, allowing for adaptability to diverse venue types and customer preferences.

In essence, Mondial Rides stands as a reputable provider in the amusement ride industry, with an extensive legacy, a commitment to innovation, a strong focus on quality, and a dedication to crafting bespoke entertainment solutions.

For a wide range of excellent designed Rides according to your wishes: ride with Mondial Rides!

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