The Jet Force is a sensational pendulum ride. With suspended feet and positioned in comfortable seats on the outside of the arm, the riders will get a spectacular feeling of flying freely through the air. The Jet Force can swing 360 degrees and rotate at the same time. The ride is easy to set up due to a special hydraulic system and well designed use of winches. Therefore, the ride can be erected in less than 8 hours. On top of that, all ride parts are loaded on one trailer, so easy to transport!

Furioso 092


The Furioso is a smaller version of the Capriolo, but nevertheless a superb ride for the ones who are not afraid of heights. It is not just the fast swinging arm and the height that creates the action, the Furioso has also got a rotating gondola, that gives an additional kick to the loopings the swinging arm makes. The riders also experience a great feeling of free fall effects if they dare to ride the Furioso!



The Diablo is an impressive unique ride and its movements are very thrilling and smooth. The drive enables the main cross arm to make an oval arc in both directions. At the end of this cross arm two gondolas with suspended seats are mounted. The gondolas rotate independently of each other. The Diablo gives the riders a sensational, thrilling and unique ride.


Capriolo 10 P

The Capriolo 10 P is the next generation of the massively successful Capriolo. The arm makes 360 degree loops. While the arm is rotating, the gondola brake can be released, allowing free rotating of the gondola. New feature on the Capriolo 10: besides these two different movements, the gondola can rotate around the arm axis, increasing the riders thrill. The effect of the speed is increased by a propeller mounted above the gondola.