The Mistral is an impressive pendulum ride, which can swing up to 120 degrees and reach the incredible height of 40 meter. Due to the long airtime of the swing, the riders experience a spectacular sense of weightlessness. The speed of the pendulum at the bottom of the swing can reach up to 75 km/h and 3.5 G-force. The mistral is loaded on 3 integrated trailers that also serve as the foundation of the ride. Due to Mondial design experience, The Mistral is simple and quick to set up, without the use of a crane.



The Shake circular ride is an eye catcher on every fairground. The rotations of the platform are variable. The ride has 4 or 5 cross arms on the platform which rotate in opposite direction as the platform. 4 gondola’s are positioned suspended on each cross arm and they rotate, swing and roll over independent of each other. Special features are for example a back wall or roofing.



The Skyriser re-invented the concept of an observation tower. A very modern design of the gondola and a 360 degrees panoramic view ensures a breathtaking experience for the guests. The Skyriser has a very high hourly capacity through its state of the art, newly designed, lifting technology, which has never before been used im similar towers. Available both in travelling and park version

Top Scan 09

Top Scan

The Top Scan is a great thrill ride, that offers a smooth and exiting experience. The drive enables the main cross to make an oval arc in both directions. At the end of the cross arm are the rotating gondolas, which are fitted with the safest shoulder and lap restraints. The gondolas are designed to rotate freely using centrifugal force. As the rider’s legs are free, the sensation of flying and performing loops is enhanced.



The Turbine is the World’s largest spinning sensation, reaching a height of 62 Meter. With three different simultaneous rotations, the ride experience is spectacular and unique in it’s kind. The speed of the gondola can reach up to 80 km/h, to add even more thrill to this ride.

Heart_Breaker test


The Heartbreaker’s design and ride experience is unique in it’s kind and incomparable with anything ever build before. The ride performs loopings with very quick rotations. During some rotations, the gondola is upside down and they flip repeatedly making wild loopings after each other. By reducing the arm rotations the ride chances it’s character, suddenly the gondolas start dangling very smoothly. Only one trailer based, so easy to set up and transport.



The Jet Force is a sensational pendulum ride. With suspended feet and positioned in comfortable seats on the outside of the arm, the riders will get a spectacular feeling of flying freely through the air. The Jet Force can swing 360 degrees and rotate at the same time. The ride is easy to set up due to a special hydraulic system and well designed use of winches. Therefore, the ride can be erected in less than 8 hours. On top of that, all ride parts are loaded on one trailer, so easy to transport!

Furioso 092


The Furioso is a smaller version of the Capriolo, but nevertheless a superb ride for the ones who are not afraid of heights. It is not just the fast swinging arm and the height that creates the action, the Furioso has also got a rotating gondola, that gives an additional kick to the loopings the swinging arm makes. The riders also experience a great feeling of free fall effects if they dare to ride the Furioso!