The Ventura has a main mast with a movable masthead which is mounted in an angle of approximately 45 degrees to the mast. The electric drive enables the main arm with the gondo­la’s to go round in an oval circle, to the left and to the right. The gondola cross which is assembled in a star form, consists of six gondola arms, upon which six suspended seats are mounted. These gondola’s rotate freely, to allow a smooth ans sensational ride experience. The sensation of flying and performing loops is enhanced as the riders legs are dangling free.

Avalanche CW_2023_TundraTwister 1 (Middel)


The Avalanche an impressing giant of a pendulum park ride, with three different 360 rotations in one. The arm itself makes swings up to 360, At the end of the arm, the gondola cross makes the two gondolas spin rounds. Both of the gondolas twist and turn independently around the axel determined by the riders and the weight; so each ride is unique. 


Ultra Max

The Ultra max is the next step in the pendulum rides, featuring only one mast. Facing outwards the riders are seated suspended, for enhancing the thrill features. The Ultra max swings a full 360 degrees and the gondola rotates simultaneously. This generates a free fall effect.


Electrical Shake R5

The Shake circular ride is an eye catcher. The rotations of the platform are variable. The ride has 4 or 5 cross arms on the platform which rotate in opposite direction as the platform. 4 gondola’s are positioned suspended on each cross arm and they rotate, swing and roll over independent of each other. Special features are for example a back wall or roofing.

SO 13 new

Splash Over

The Splash Over has two forks rotating with two freely moving gondola’s, which can go over the top. Moving upside down towards the pool, with the fountains that almost catch the riders in their water spray. Almost?… Well, during hot weather things sometimes suddenly change! The freely moving gondola’s, the programmable fountains and the looks of this machine make it an absolute must for every amusement park.

2016-03-18 13.58.23


The Revolution is a sensation to ride and to look at. The rotating disk with the riders seated outwards, swing up to 35 Meters high with an angle of 120 degrees. The suspended seats give the riders a great sensation of flying in numerous angles, because the two combined movements really are spectacular.