Used Top Scan

This Top scan was build in 1997 and recently refurbished by the customer. The lighting was renewed and some parts were repainted. The ride is ready for operating and is offered with the ticket box, sound system etc. For more information and pricing, please contact us by email or phone.


Roll Over Park Model

The Roll Over achieves a sensational combination of ride effects. It makes pendulum, swinging around and vertical circular movements. It is also possible, thanks to a built in braking system, to bring it to an upside down position, also enabling performing loopings, in every position. The arms of the Roll over move independently.

INF 04


This Inferno was build in 1996. The Inferno is an impressive machine and its movements are very thrilling and smooth. The drive enables the main cross arm to make an oval arc in both directions. At the end of this cross arm are two independent rotating gondola’s, which together have the appearance of a big boat. The Inferno gives their riders a sensational ride. Pricing on request. Please contact Mondial for more information. Pictures do not represent the ride that is for sale.